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Knowing a lot brings no wisdom (heraclitus)

The Belgian School for Jungian Psychoanalysis is editing her publications in Psychoanalytic Studies/Etudes Psychanalytiques, only in Dutch and/or French. In various articles we explore the work of different authors as well as some psychoanalytical themes. You can find an overview of the different numbers by clicking the pictogram Studies.

Each number of these Psychoanalytical Studies costs 10 euros, sending costs excluded. You can order the numbers you want via our contact address payment should be made on our account 068-2155475-65 (IBAN: BE18 0682 1554 7565 SWIFT BIC: GKCCBEBB) of the BSJP.

You can find publications in bookform by clicking the Books pictogram.

Here you will find some articles online.

Images from the Red Book by C.G. Jung

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