ACTIVITIES : Seminars, Study Days and Workshops


It is not about seeing other things but about seeing things differently (C.G. Jung)

Reading seminars:


This group is open to anyone who is interested in the Jungian way of thinking. We read the work of Jung as well as works or texts related to it. Participants have a say in the choice of what they will read and can also propose their own ideas. The reading group takes place in Wetteren and for more information you can contact Dirk Vergaert.  You can discover what we are reading at the moment by surfing to current events via the homepage of our website.


Clinical seminars:


- Clinical seminar (Dutch/French)

This group meets one a month in Watermael Bosvoorde. Using texts and articles by various psychoanalytical authors and personal contributions from the particiapants we exchange ideas about our work.


- Clinical intervision seminar (French)

This group meets once a month in Brussels and is open to the members and candidates of the BSJP. Non-members with clinical practice are welcome, by invitation only. In this group you are invited to discuss all facets of your own clinical practice.



Study days:


- Internal study days: an internal or external speaker is invited to explore a specific theme or topic. These study days are open to members and candidates, and by invitation.


- External study days: on these days we invite a speaker to give a lecture to help us explore and gain new insights into an important psychoanalytical theme. These study days are open to psychotherapists, psychologists, psychiatrists, social workers and other interested parties. The list of past study days can be found in the archive.




Candidates and members of our school develop a psychoanalytical theme based on clinical material. Topics that have already been discussed include Symbolisation, Psychosis and mysticism, Cliniques et pratiques de creation: l'art de l'improvisation.